Review Special plywood

Colored film faced birch plywood

Exterior birch plywood overlaid with colored phenolic films is light-weight material with highly wear-resistant surface, which is unaffected by detergents and many other common chemical substances. It can be easily processed and combined with other materials. Colored film faced plywood can be used in demanding outdoor conditions as it withstands humidity and temperature drops. Unlike standard laminated plywood, this one is UV resistant and can be exposed to sunlight for a continuous period of time.

Being a Russian plywood manufacturer Plyterra Group offers very strong and durable birch plywood of high quality. Wear-resistant coating of different colors has high density. Edges of the laminated plywood are sealed with water-resistant acrylic paint of the color of the film. All these guarantee durability of the birch plywood panel.

Thanks to these properties, film faced plywood of different colors is widely used in many areas, for example, for podiums and stadiums construction, children playgrounds, furniture production, interior decoration, packaging and many others. The laminated plywood is eco-friendly material, safe for people’s health.