Review Birch Plywood

Film faced birch plywood

General information

Film faced birch plywood is durable, lightweight, water- and wear-resistant material. It is easy for handling and can be combined with other materials. Thanks to high-quality film coating, the plywood takes on such properties as endurance and resistance to damage and strong chemicals, which make it suitable for exterior use. It also protects veneers against termites, influence of temperature drops and high humidity. The surface of the film faced plywood is easy to clean. Edges of the plywood are sealed with water-resistant acrylic paint.


Thanks to its properties, plywood overlaid with phenolic film has various areas of application. It is very popular in construction and transportation industry. The material’s durability makes it irreplaceable in scaffolding, decking, flooring of trailers and carriages, loading platforms, containers production. Its hygienic properties make it suitable for use in warehouses, farming buildings, and food storages. Film faced plywood is also widely used by furniture manufacturers. Among the areas of film faced plywood application there are also advertisement hoardings, floors for sports facilities, play grounds, fencing, internal and external finishing works, concrete formworks.