Review Birch Plywood

Film faced plywood

Film faced plywood is produced on the basis of exterior birch plywood, which is coated with special phenolic or melamine film. Compared to raw plywood, the plywood with overlay has longer durability, increased stability, higher resistance to moisture, corrosive substances and UV-radiation. At the same time, the material has all the advantages of exterior birch plywood, including dimensional stability, resistance to wear and tear as well as strength and stiffness. Thanks to all these properties the material is widely used outdoors for building and construction. The edges of film faced plywood are usually treated with waterproof acrylic paint. Thus, protected from all sides the product withstands different weather conditions, impacts and damages.

The most popular application of film faced plywood in construction is concrete formworks. Shuttering boxes made of laminated plywood are more resilient and durable and can be used more than once before replacing.

The application of film faced plywood is not restricted to housing construction. For example, the construction of dams also frequently requires the use of overlaid plywood. It does not lose its shape and structural integrity under high loads and can withstand the force of fast-flowing water.