Review Birch Plywood

What is Interior Birch Plywood?

The name of the product makes it obvious that interior birch plywood is suitable only for indoor application in houses as well as in offices. If you choose aesthetic finish for you interior design, you cannot make a better choice. The material is impractical in terms of exterior use, but its indoor application is versatile. It includes the production of furniture, roofing, flooring, interior cladding and decoration works. The range of end uses of interior birch plywood is constantly widened by plywood manufacturers introducing new solutions. Other popular areas of application for this material are laser cutting and production of toys.

Interior birch plywood differs from the exterior one by the type of bonding. Unlike phenol-formaldehyde, urea-formaldehyde adhesive used for interior plywood does not resist to moisture effectively. That is why it shall be protected from water. Although there is a variety of overlays available, including melamine and phenolic films, none of them is able to provide sufficient protection to the material so that it could be used outdoors.

There are special storage requirements for interior birch plywood. It should be kept in dry premises, off the ground to preven moisture uptake. For a long-term period plywood shall be stored horizontally.

We offer interior birch plywood represented under the brand Plyterra Birch Interior. It is produced in 1525x1525 mm size and a variety of thicknesses from 4 to 30 mm.