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The children's football club 'Plyterra- Zubovo-Polyana' GO AHEAD!
Plyterra, JSC is actively conducting activities directed on the policy implementation of social responsibility in Zubovo-Polyansky District, as well as in the whole region.
May, 6 / 2021
The last weekend of April, the personnel of Plyterra Group carried out a volunteer clean-up program
A volunteer clean-up remains first and foremost a high-day. It is a day of cleanliness, orderliness, and a good mood. Postponing our habitual duties for a time, the staff came out for neatening the inner territory and the surrounding area of the enterprise. The activity directed on cleaning and improving the territory joined us to use concurrently the following tools: brooms, rakes, and spades.
April, 30 / 2021
Plyterra Group has put into operation a new automatic drying and grading line
On April 26, a new automatic line for veneer drying and grading was put into operation at the mill of Plyterra Group in the Republic of Mordovia. Acting Head of the Republic of Mordovia Artem Zdunov attended the event.
April, 26 / 2021
Plyterra visits children of orphanage in Pot’ma village and congratulates them on holidays
Plyterra, JSC carries out a corporate social policy in the Republic of Mordovia by providing employment, generating revenue for budgets of all levels and helping social institutions. Rendering charity support to children deprived of parental care is one of the important policy directions regularly implemented by Plyterra’s employees.
February, 1 / 2021
High-capacity one-side spreading Raute lay-up line has been commissioned at Plyterra plant
This glue-spreading technology is popular in Europe, while in Russia it is only the third line of this type.
December, 11 / 2020
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