Plyterra Birch Exterior

Water-resistant plywood for exterior and interior use
Plyterra Birch Exterior

Plyterra Birch Exterior is made of 100% birch veneer and thus has such properties as high strength, durability, low weight and high performance. Other characteristics of Exterior birch plywood are ease in handling and further processing.

Birch veneer in all layers guarantees higher resistance to bending and warpage. The plywood is very strong and has excellent water-resistant properties due to the usage of phenol-formaldehyde or WBP adhesive for veneer gluing. As a result of the use of first-rate raw materials in production, Exterior plywood is absolutely safe-health product (ULEF status: Executive Order N-18-163 issued by CARB).

Plyterra Birch Exterior is a brand of high-quality birch plywood. Exterior plywood of high grade is often used for decoration works thanks to the beautiful texture of birch wood.

WBP plywood can be used for many purposes including construction, shipbuilding, exterior and interior decoration works, commercial vehicles production, carriage building, packaging, sheathing, flooring, parquet manufacturing. There is a variety of thicknesses and sizes of Exterior birch plywood manufactured by Plyterra Group. For example, 6 to 12 mm plywood is mostly used for decorative and functional purposes and is also popular among parquet manufacturers, while 18 mm plywood is used as base or construction material. Modern high-technology equipment allows to produce WBP plywood with strict thickness tolerances. Non-standard thicknesses and sizes as well as different combinations of long and cross grain veneer (non-standard lay-up) are available as well.

It is Exterior birch plywood that one chooses facing the hardest conditions of usage.

As a manufacturer of high-quality birch plywood Plyterra Group also provides different kinds of services. Customers may choose among a variety of overlays of Exterior plywood. They are protective and decorative HPL coating, dark brown phenolic film, modified phenolic UV resistant films available in different colors.

Technical sheet


Thicknesses: 4; 6; 6,5; 8; 9; 10; 12; 15; 16; 18; 19; 21; 24; 27; 30; 35; 40
Sizes: 2440х1220 or 1220х2440; 2500х1250 or 1250х2500; 1525x1525; 1525х3050; cut-to-size
Grades: 1/2 (В/ВВ), 2/2 (BB/BB), 2/3 (ВВ/СР), 2/4 (ВВ/С), 3/3 (СР/СР), 3/4 (СР/С), 4/4 (С/С)
Surface type:
not-sanded (NS) and both sides sanded (S2)
The formaldehyde emission (limit value: 3,5 mg/h х m2):
0,1 mg/h x m2
Non-standard thicknesses and sizes are possible to produce on enquiry.

Strength characteristics

Thickness of plywood, mm Bending strength, MPa, mean value Modulus of Elasticity, MPa, mean value 
perpendicular to the fiber  parallel to the fiber  perpendicular to the fiber  parallel to the fiber 
6,5 60 85 4300 9500
9 65 85 5700 9000
12 60 80 6000 8500
15 60 80 6500 8500
18 75 70 7000 8500
19 70 70 7200 8000
21; 24; 27; 30 70 70 7000 8000


Acoustic systems
“Acoustically soft” plywood has necessary sound absorption coefficient. Multilayer structure of plywood results in damping of vibration, strength, longevity and great capability to hold fasteners (screws, etc.).
Advertisement hoardings
Durability of birch plywood makes it perfect for outdoor advertising. The alternation of cross and long grain veneer reduces the chances of the wood deformation and makes it resistant to warping, cracking, and twisting when setting.
Climbing walls
Strong, durable and eco-friendly birch plywood is a perfect material for construction of indoor and outdoor climbing walls, while its lightness make it suitable for use in modular climbing panels.
Thanks to being light and durable material with good strength properties, birch plywood is one of the most popular materials used for construction.
Exterior and interior decoration works
Strength, durability, surface hardness, resistance to wear and tear as well as beautiful structure of birch veneer make birch plywood perfect for creative interior and exterior design and decoration.
Exterior and interior decoration works
Strength, durability, surface hardness, resistance to wear and tear as well as beautiful structure of birch veneer make birch plywood perfect for creative interior and exterior design and decoration.
Furniture manufacturing
Birch plywood is suitable for production of doors, tables, shelves, chairs, cabinetry and other furniture. It is very popular among furniture manufacturers due to its dimensional stability and ease in handling. It saves the warmth and beautiful structure of wood.
Birch plywood is a firm eco-friendly material with high load-bearing capacity. CNC-machining of plywood parts makes it possible to get necessary radii and curves without sharp edges.
Skate ramps
Skate ramps are made of metal and wooden structures and are covered with wearproof, water-resistant birch plywood. Sizes and thicknesses of plywood sheets vary depending on the skate park project.
Wall panels, different kinds of barrier
Birch plywood is strong, pliable and light. It can be used as base material in construction projects due to its sturdy nature. The plywood is easy to prime and cut to whatever shape and size.

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