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Veneer sorting
Veneer sorting is one of the most important operations of the technological process, which determines the varietal yield of finished plywood. Plyterra Group plywood is divided into the following grades depending on wood defects 
2 December 2022
Plywood for the manufacture of souvenirs
Souvenirs are popular products among private clients and company owners.Plywood is often chosen as the main material of souvenirs. Plywood is a natural and eco–friendly material, so products made of it look original, as if made by hand, they are light and inexpensive.
16 November 2022
Plywood in outdoor advertising
It is difficult to imagine the modern world without advertising, it meets us everywhere – in shops, buildings and highways. The main material for the manufacture of outdoor advertising is a plywood sheet. 
31 October 2022
Sound insulation fire-retardant plywood

Plyguard Phon is a special brand of sound insulation fire-retardant plywood. The structure of the fireproof material includes cork, rubber or composite cork-rubber sound absorbing barrier. This complex solution meets the requirements for fire safety, sound reduction and damping of vibration.

14 October 2022
Plywood overlaid with transparent melamine film

Plyterra CrystalPly is film faced birch plywood that comprises the beauty of peeled birch veneer and the advantages of melamine film. The transparent film significantly improves surface performance. Plyterra CrystalPly is a ready-to-use material that is easy and pleasant to work with.

10 August 2022
Advantages of fuel briquettes

Among the advantages of fuel briquettes are the following... It is an environmentally friendly product made of 100% wood and it does not contain any chemical additives. Plyterra Group briquettes are manufactured on patented German RUF technology that indicates the high quality of products.

29 July 2022
Laying plywood under parquet

Plywood is considered one of the best bases for any finishing floor covering – linoleum, laminate or parquet. Why plywood is needed for laying under the finishing floor?

12 July 2022
Engineered board

For many years, the main materials for finishing the floor are laminate and linoleum. But technology does not stand still, and now an engineered board is coming into fashion. Engineered board is a new modern floor covering. 

6 July 2022
History of plywood plant “Vlast Truda”

Plywood plant "Vlast Truda", JSC, has a rich history lasting more than a century and a half.

23 June 2022
History of plywood mill “Plyterra”
The plywood mill “Plyterra” has a rich history of more than 120 years which includes 3 main stages of development.
16 June 2022
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