A holiday with "Plyterra Group"

For children living in Umyot, summer holidays finished with celebration, organized by "Plyterra Group" before the new school year. The square in front of the company's administrative building was crowded and full of fun. There was music, clowns and cartoon characters who invited guests to participate in various competitions and took pictures with everyone. Children could decorate their faces with painting. Those who like to draw had an opportunity to try their hand at such original art as sand paintings. Authors could take their works of art with them. At the beginning of the holiday, the Head of Human Resources Olga Chudaykina welcomed the guests on behalf of "Plyterra" management. She congratulated the guests on the upcoming school year and wished them to get only excellent marks and have a good time. The holiday was fun and time flew by. All day long, the children could participate in contests, receive presents, eat free cotton candy and popcorn, get a balloon and enjoy bubble show. It was a memorable farewell to summer holidays!