A story of one person as part of the enterprise’s history

We are proud to introduce the person who stood at the origins of our company, our Production Director, Maria Churinova.
Her story is closely intertwined with the one of the enterprise, formerly known as the Umetsky woodworking plant, with which she cast her lot when she was a student, in 1973. Maria went from being a plywood workshop forewoman to Production Director. When the plant was repurposed, Plyterra, JSC plywood mill was founded on its basis and Maria has been taking part in optimization and refining the production process from the very first days of the mill’s operation.
Maria's family is a perfect example of continuity of generations and commitment to profession. The total working experience of the Churinovs’ labour dynasty is 110 years.
Maria has managed to instil the respect for work in her family and her colleagues. Her kindness and dedication are highly esteemed by all the employees of Plyterra Group.
Her vast industry experience and deep knowledge of the plywood production process have made her a brilliant specialist. Under her guidance, the product line has been expanded and the volume of plywood production has increased 13 times!
Maria repeatedly received government awards for dedicated work and outstanding professional achievements. In 2009, Maria was awarded the Honorary certificate of the Republic of Mordovia, and in 2019, she was awarded the medal and the Honorary title of "Honoured Worker of the Industry of the Republic of Mordovia".
We are proud to have such professionals in our team!