Campaign «Forests of the Future»

On October 8, Plyterra Group organized a tree planting campaign under the symbolic name «Forests of the Future». Forest is not only the basis of our ecological well-being; it is the basis of our future.

The issue of replenishing forest resources is very important to us. We declare our commitment to the principles of Voluntary Forest Certification and verify the legality of the wood origin. Our mills are FSC certified.

The Forests of the Future campaign brought together Plyterra Group employees and representatives of various companies, namely PAO «Sberbank», State Institution of the Republic of Mordovia «Zubovskiy Territorial Forestry», teachers and students of «Zubovo-Polyansky Teacher Training College» as well as other people who care about nature.
The participants of the campaign planted 21 thousand pine seedlings on a total area of 5,2 hectares on the territory of Zubovsky Forestry.
Planting trees in autumn and in spring to promote reforestation is a good tradition we have been following for many years. We are absolutely sure that we do a useful and important thing for Planet Earth and for people!