"Plyterra Group": a contribution to the future

A tour around the company is one of the most common ways of obtaining professional information. No wonder they say that it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. During such tours, students have an opportunity to learn about manufacturing process and see various specialists at work.

"Plyterra Group" often holds career-guidance tours for high school students. Recently the company has organized such a tour for students from the town of Umyot. Many of their parents work at the plywood mill.

Before the excursion, Evgeniy Pivin, Head of Labour Protection, made an introductory speech. He told the students about the company, its friendly team, the most common occupations and also explained the safety rules.

After that, Natalya Vechkaeva, Head of the Workshop for glued plywood production, showed and told them about the production process.

The students listened carefully and tried to remember all the things they saw in the workshop. Nataliya Vechkaeva gave very detailed information about every stage of production. The children learned about the performance of particular equipment, processing of raw materials as well as what knowledge and skills are necessary for every job. The students watched the work of skillful workmen and specialists, their accomplished use of huge equipment and the production operating as a single entity.

During the tour, the students asked various questions and shared their impressions. The children talked to the lead workers, who told them about the peculiarities of their professions and how they have become the best. Students also learned that the Company often hosts various events for employees and residents of the town of Umyot. Specialists of the sales department told them how much goods  are shipped all over the world. The guests were very surprised that "Plyterra Group" is well-known in many countries.

At the end of the tour, Natalya Vechkaeva told that students of vocational schools have an opportunity to have their on-the-job training at "Plyterra Group" and master one of popular professions. The guests of the mill were very interested in it and promised to visit it once again.

We believe that it is very important to hold such events and show to the future generation that production can be interesting, that the plant is not only equipment, but also highly skilled professionals and the student, who once was on the tour, can also become one of them.