"Plyterra Group" in persons: Lyudmila Kalninya

Among dozens of "Plyterra Group" professions and positions, forepersons have a special place. They supervise production processes in the workshops and take responsibility for the quality of the products. But the forepersons are made, not born. Mostly often, a person comes to production and masters one of several working professions, demonstrating the excellent quality of work and some organizational
skills. Management of the company notes hers efforts and offers her a position of a foreperson.

This is the story of the forewoman of the workshop for glued plywood production. Her name is Lyudmila Kalninya. This pretty woman came to work for "Plyterra Group" more than 15 years ago. Earlier she had worked in Dubitel village. She still lives there.

When the company she worked for had closed, Lyudmila decided that people can learn anything if they want. So, Lyudmila took a job in "Plyterra Group". Everything was frightening for her at first: huge workshops with unfamiliar equipment, the road from Dubitel to Umyot, people and work she did not know. At her first position, Lyudmila adjusted blanks from which the glued plywood is made. After a while, all the fears have gone. There is a special bus taking people from Dubitel and some other villages to "Plyterra" and back, the workshops do not frighten with their sizes any more, she has adjusted to people and machines.

Production Director Mariya Churinova noted the hard-working and responsible worker and offered her to become a foreperson. The new position required much more responsibility. As a forewoman she would be responsible for people and quality of the products. But Lyudmila was not afraid of difficulties and agreed.

Seven years have passed. Lyudmila Kalninya is faithful to her principle to do everything very good. According to Mariya Churinova, she is one of the best forepersons at "Plyterra Group". In addition to her main responsibilities, Lyudmila is a mentor. She generously shares her experience with the youth. The rapidly growing company requires professionals, including forepersons.

She wishes to all beginners not to be afraid of difficulties, but watch and listen and experience will come. After all, practice makes perfect.