Day of Forest and Woodworking Industry Workers

On Sunday, 20 September, the Day of Forest and Woodworking Industry Workers is celebrated.

On the eve of the holiday, the best employees of Plyterra of year 2020 have been awarded at the solemn awarding ceremony.

The CEO of Plyterra, JSC, Sergey Nikonorov, has congratulated each employee in person, wished them good health and further success in work.

Every year the management of Plyterra gives thanks to the team of highly qualified specialists, devoted to their work and honestly performing their professional duty.

Real devotees of their profession work hard at the mills of Plyterra Group and are deeply involved in the company's development. Their activity, which is of great importance not only for the enterprise but also for the whole region, requires competence in many fields, full dedication, a special attitude to work.

There are people who have served their profession for more than a dozen years. Many of them represent strong labour dynasties. Such workers are the honor and glory of the industry and our company.