A worthy successor of the labour dynasty

Entire generations of families are associated with Plyterra Group (including the time when the plywood mill used to be a woodworking plant).

Head of human resources department Olga Chudaykina was born in such a family. Total working experience of the labour dynasty is 217 years. The story began with Olga’s grandmother, Zinaida Golubeva, who worked at the woodworking plant from 1946 till 1967.

Olga's career path began in 2011. At that time, the organization’s staff included no more than 450 people. Her career journey began as an HR inspector. Diligence, continuous professional development, love for people and passion for her job allowed Olga to achieve excellent results in the chosen professional field.

Olga has been in love with the company and the team since her first day at the enterprise. It is the atmosphere, prevailing here, that inspires her to work.

Alongside with the exceptional business performance, Olga considers her two daughters to be her greatest achievement. She works hard, so that they have a positive role model.

Olga wishes all newcomers to be determined and persistent. “Experience will surely come in time, and you will discover new talents and traits you haven’t had an idea about,” she says.