High-capacity one-side spreading Raute lay-up line has been commissioned at Plyterra plant

One of the latest solutions adopted to increase the production potential of our company was the commissioning of a modern, high-capacity one-side spreading Raute lay-up line R5 LEG. This glue-spreading technology is popular in Europe, while in Russia it is only the third line of this type. Installation and commissioning of the line were completed as scheduled, despite restrictions due to COVID19.
This automatic line reduces glue consumption by 10% and increases productivity by 68% compared to traditional roller spreading.
The LEG is a liquid extruder glueing system ensuring efficient use of raw materials. Special non-contact glue application with a glue line on top of each veneer guarantees fewer rejects. Uniform glue spreading allows to obtain a product with higher and more stable physical and mechanical properties and minimizes the risk of internal defects such as delamination and blisters. The work of the line is controlled by the operator. Automatic washing reduces line cleaning time.
The line allows to make plywood of a wide range of thicknesses with an even and odd number of plies, both short grain and long grain. Raute Service LLC provides service support and supply of spare parts for this line, as well as for other Raute lines at the mill.