Illustrated field guide to birds and animals of Mordovia

"Plyterra Group" supports and complies with environmental policy. The company is always aware of where the timber is supplied from as well as how the plant affects animals' habitats. Together with Deputy Chairman of Mordovia branch of the Russian Bird Conservation Union, ornithologist, Candidate of Biological Science Sergey Spiridonov, with the participation of A. Scherbakov, we have studied forest plots. This study confrms that the plots used as timber sources do not affect the fauna of the forest ecosystem.

Also with the financial support of "Plyterra", Ministry of forestry, hunting and environmental management of the Republic of Mordovia, A. Scherbakov there was published a book "Birds and animals of the Republic of Mordovia. Field guide". The significant feature of the book is that it describes only the species living in Mordovia. There are 264 birds species and 75 mammalian species. The authors briefly describe their appearance, behavior, voices, what they eat and where they live in our region. There are colored identification tables for all the species. Special attention is paid to the species listed in the Red Books of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Mordovia.

Authors of the book: S.N. Spiridonov, G.F. Grishutkin, A.S. Lapshin, V.A. Kuznetsov, A.A. Mosalov. Birds and animals of the Republic of Mordovia. Field guide / S. N. Spiridonov (responsible editor) [and others]; – Saransk Printing house "Krasny Oktyabr", 2018 224 pages

"Plyterra Group" recommends for reading! Let's save the nature of Russia together!