In the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, the beautiful recreation complex Tabori hotel and golf club is under construction

The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is replete with historical and modern, cultural and socially significant objects. In 2021, Tabori hotel and golf club will become another decoration of the city.

The construction is adjacent to the unique Tbilisi Botanical Garden. It will include a luxurious five-star hotel, open sports stadiums and golf clubs.
The multifunctional recreation complex’s shape, inspired by the natural landscape, has contributed to the integration of the modern design into the natural look of the area. The hotel is designed in woody shades. It blends in with the idyllic landscape and provides guests with a feeling of harmony with the surrounding nature.

For the construction of this modern project the innovative materials of the highest quality, including film faced plywood Plyterra Deck, produced by Plyterra Group, have been used. Plyterra Deck is a perfect material for the construction of formwork systems. It can be used many times: extra strong 100% birch plywood panels withstand the severity of the poured concrete mix, while special laminated coating protects plywood from moisture, chemicals and external influence.