International Children's Day, June 1

International Children's Day is not only a holiday, but also a reminder for adults of how responsible we are for children, especially for those who live in children's homes and need attention and care more than anyone.

Plyterra Group has been providing assistance to Potminsky Psychoneurological Boarding School for years willing to make life in the children's home more comfortable. Every year on holydays Plyterra Group gives presents and household appliances, which are indispensable for the boarding school, to the children.

Today employees of Plyterra Group have traditionally visited Potminsky Psychoneurological Boarding School and congratulated its pupils on International Children's Day. Children celebrated the beginning of summer together with their favourite cartoon characters. We tried our best to fill children’s hearts with joy and shared our love and care. They thanked us and invited to come again. Happiness in children’s eyes is the best reward.

P.S. We express deep gratitude to our employees for an additional donation of clothing and money to purchase summer and seasonal clothes and essential goods for children. Thank you!