Plyterra Group at the international exhibition Expo Bois Design ~ Wood Design Show in Canada

For the first time Plyterra Group participated in Expo Bois Design~Wood Design Show. This specialized exhibition took place in Montreal, Canada on October 26 and for the fifth time it brought together architects, designers and furniture manufacturers from all over the world.

At Plyterra’s booth visitors could see the samples of various types of plywood produced at the mills and get more information about the Group and its products, ask questions and receive comprehensive answers about the properties of various types of plywood and their advantages. Fire-retardant plywood represented under the brands PlyGuard and PlyGuard Phon attracted the great interest.

Thanks to participation in the thematic exhibition and convenient business program, Plyterra Group has found new useful contacts and reduced the distance between the interested parties to a handshake.

This project was successfully implemented together with our partner «Thomes Canada LTD».