Plyterra Group has supported the "Save Forest" initiative

On September 11, the companies of the Republic of Mordovia joined the Russian National initiative "Saving Forest". Plyterra Group was happy to support this project.

The forest spaces in Russia seem almost limitless. However, deforestation and natural disasters may lead to the depletion of forest funds and become a serious environmental problem.

The organizers of the "Saving Forest" campaign provided the participants with everything necessary, like modern equipment, consumables, field kitchen. The whole families took part in trees planting, making this responsible process very creative. Children were happy to help their parents.

More than 300 people participated in this environmental campaign. Artem Zdunov, the Acting Head of Mordovia, did not miss the event as well. Pine seedlings were planted in the Bolshebereznikovsky district, near Prisursky village, where the trees were damaged by a hurricane a few years ago. For now, another 10,000 trees will grow in Mordovia.