Plyterra Group team has brought a New Year's spirit to children

Every child waits for the New Year. This is a time of hope, miracles and joy. Сhildren living in difficult circumstances are especially in need of it. On the threshold of the New Year Plyterra Group annually organizes New Year events for children studying in the Potminsky and Shiringushy residential care facilities of the Republic of Mordovia.

Our company took part in the organization of the event and in the gift-giving for all the pupils of the Shiringushy children's institution.

The Plyterra Group team really surprised the children of the Potminsky orphanage with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. Girls and boys sang songs, recited poems, danced and participated in New Year's contests.

We are full of goodwill that the outgoing year has stuck in children’s memory exactly like this - cheerful and bright. The children were satisfied and grateful for the interesting and kind meeting. None of those present at the events remained indifferent observing the delight in the children's eyes and their happy faces.