Plyterra Group has become a participant of the project «Birch grove»

The year 2017 is declared to be the year of ecology in Russia. Conservation and restoration of forest resources has become one of the most important aspects.
On October 25 in the settlement under the name Lisino-Korpus within the XI-th Conference called "Production and ecology. Effective symbiosis" held by The Central Research Institute of Plywood, the project "Birch grove" has started. It is the first unique charity event for consumers of wood materials who are interested in taking care of the environment and drawing public attention to the problem of uncontrolled deforestation.
Plyterra Group has become a the participant of the project "Birch grove" as the enterprise has its own principles of the Environmental Policy and strictly follows them, besides the company conducts active social work in this direction. Plyterra Group and The Central Research Institute of Plywood are partners and together take care of birch.
We are for conservation of Russian woods!