Plyterra has launched the production of Plyterra Color

In July Plyterra Group started the production of plywood overlaid with colored films. The new product was introduced to the market under the brand Plyterra Color.

It is 100% birch plywood coated with paper impregnated with modified phenolic resin. Bright rich color of the film does not fade when exposed to sunlight for contentious period of time. The edges of the panel are sealed with acrylic paint to protect it from moisture absorption.

All these make Plyterra Color suitable for exterior use. Plyterra Color can be used in light commercial vehicles, playgrounds, yachts or as a part of design. It is very popular in construction industry and is widely used for concrete formworks.

The size of Plyterra Color produced at Plyterra is 4х8 (1220х2440, 1250х2500). There are different colors of the film available.