Plyterra has successfully completed the first stage of voluntary certification «Made in Russia»

«Made in Russia» program was launched in 2017 by the Russian Export Center (REC). The aim of the program is to help the best Russian manufacturers enter foreign markets and guarantee the quality and safety of goods to customers abroad.

The voluntary certification consists of two stages. At the first stage independent experts assessed experience, competence and business reputation of the company. As a result, Plyterra have obtained the «Russian Exporter» certificate and mark that can be used on the website and in advertising materials. Besides, information about the company was included in the public Register of responsible exporters on the REC website.

At the second stage, export products are certified and a company obtains «Made in Russia» mark.

Due to the strict rules of the certification system, only environmentally friendly and reliable products meeting high international standards can complete the expert assessment.

Plyterra has successfully completed the first stage of independent expert assessment and on May 6, 2019 obtained the “Russian Exporter” certificate, series REC No. 000376. The experts assessed quality, history, reputation, staff competence and the safety of production. Successful completion of the first stage “The evaluation of experience and business reputation” confirms that Plyterra is a reliable producer and supplier of birch plywood.

It is an important stage in realization of export potential of the product. At the moment Plyterra is preparing for the second stage of the voluntary certification. We are sure that experts and customers in many countries all over the world will fully appreciate the plywood manufactured at Plyterra.