Plyterra, JSC delivers operating table to hospital in Zubovo Polyana

Operating theatre is the heart of any hospital, a place where people in surgical masks bring people back to life and bestow health on them. High requirements are imposed on the equipment of the operating room as it is human life which depends on the availability of the necessary equipment.

On October 8, Sergey Nikonorov, CEO of Plyterra, JSC, provided an operating table for the Zubovo Polyana district hospital. The event of the new equipment delivery was attended by the head of Zubovo Polyana municipal district Vladislav Porshin, the chief medical officer of Zubovo Polyana district hospital Alexander Babin, the deputy chief medical officer for outpatient clinic Tatyana Degaeva, and the chief nurse of the district hospital Elena Matyushkina.

This equipment will make it possible to perform surgery in the most comfortable conditions both for a doctor and a patient.
The adjustable height and variable geometry of the panel, the possibility of adjusting sections within a wide range, as well as the use of versatile removable accessories and devices will ensure the optimal position of a patient during preparation and conduct of various surgical operations and postoperative procedures. The table is controlled by a single push-button remote-control panel. It enables the operating table to be customised easily not only for patients of any height, weight and age but also for any type of surgery.

The table is made of special materials allowing to perform procedures using x-ray equipment. Cassettes for radiography can be inserted from any convenient side.
Plyterra, JSC regularly provides assistance to medical facilities in Zubovo Polyana district. During the spring coronavirus outbreak, the company provided doctors of the district hospital with personal protective equipment. Earlier, orthopedic beds were delivered to the hospital. Plyterra, JSC also contributed to the repair of the health post in Umet.

"Modern medicine is capable of feats, but they cannot be performed without proper equipment. We would like to see as many healthy people in the world as possible. Therefore, we are happy to provide the needed help to medical institutions," commented Sergey Nikonorov.

"I want to thank you for the charity work that you carry out in our district," said Vladislav Porshin. "Your good deeds provide significant support to the field of healthcare, and they can become a good example for new achievements".

Alexander Babin warmly thanked the benefactors, "We are sincerely grateful to you for your help and caring attitude to the problems of medical institutions in the district. This kind of support inspires health professionals and arouses great care for the health of our patients."