Plyterra visits children of orphanage in Pot’ma village and congratulates them on holidays

Plyterra, JSC carries out a corporate social policy in the Republic of Mordovia by providing employment, generating revenue for budgets of all levels and helping social institutions. Rendering charity support to children deprived of parental care is one of the important policy directions regularly implemented by Plyterra’s employees.

The orphanage for children with disabilities in the village of Pot’ma is a member of the Company's charitable program. The Company always responds to the needs of the children by providing material or technical support and basic necessities. In January, Plyterra’s team organized a New Year party for children, taking all necessary precautions. Children hosted one of the favorite heroines of Russian fairy tales - the Snow Maiden, as well as other fairy-tale characters. They enjoyed festive atmosphere of a real holiday with sweet gifts, songs and dances. The management of the orphanage expressed gratitude to Plyterra for the party, and the children heartily thanked the guests.

“Childcare is one of the top priorities of Plyterra’s social policy. We hope that our visits and gifts will bring smiles to the faces of orphaned children, and joyful emotions will certainly help them to improve their health. We always strive to help those who are in need, and we will continue to cooperate closely with the orphanage in the Pot’ma village,” Plyterra’s employees said.