Plyterra - Zubovo-Polyana football club

2 years ago, the strongest soccer teams competed in the World Cup 2018 for the biggest prize in football at the Mordovia Arena stadium in Saransk, the Republic of Mordovia, which hosted 4 FIFA World Cup matches. With our help the best junior players and the coaching staff of Plyterra - Zubovo-Polyana football club, which we have been supporting for 4 years, attended these matches and watched their favourite players shine on the football field.

Our company is a part of a complex mechanism implementing an ambitious project which aims at developing sports culture in the region where the company operates, justifying the status of a socially responsible enterprise.

The company makes a major contribution to the development of the Plyterra - Zubovo-Polyana football club structure. Our area of responsibility includes sponsoring of highly qualified coaching staff; providing regular training to football managers; organizing and holding tournaments both at the regional level and in different cities of Russia; providing all the teams included in the organizational structure of the club with equipment and inventory as well as financing other needs of the club.

The well-coordinated work of the club’s highly professional mentors, blacksmiths of talents, and our company as a partner and sponsor ensures coherent progression of young players into the professional environment and involves the maximum number of children in the district, regardless of their skills, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We do not just financially support the club of promising football players, we sincerely root for them! We really hope that soon the difficult epidemic situation will improve and the distance training will be replaced by proper training process with a series of new victories!