Raute has received an order valued at over 12 million euro in the russian federation

Raute has received an order for more than 12 million euros from Plyterra JSC. The order includes lines for drying and automatic repair of veneer, lines for plywood lay up and laminating, which will be supplied to Plyterra, located in Umet, Zubovo-Polyansky Region in the Republic of Mordovia. Machines and equipment will be delivered during the first quarter of 2020 and production on new lines will begin in the summer of 2020. The design work and the equipment and machine tools production itself will be carried out by the Raute production unit in the village of Nastola and partly at the facilities located in the city of Kayayani, and partly at the subcontractor facilities.

Cooperation between Plyterra and Raute began in 2012, and at the moment, Raute has completed a number of deliveries of machinery and equipment to various projects of Plyterra, such as the supply of a peeling line in 2018. In addition, several production lines of Plyterra company are serviced by Raute specialists within the framework of the PPM Agreement.

In terms of supply, you can see Raute’s solid experience in organizing a complete plywood manufacturing process. Experience with previous suppliers, as well as the presence of Raute in the Russian market predetermined the choice of equipment supplier.

The received order will not affect the forecast for Raute 2019. Sales volume and operating income for 2019 are expected at the level of the previous year.