The children's football club 'Plyterra- Zubovo-Polyana' GO AHEAD!

   Plyterra Group is actively conducting activities directed on the policy implementation of social responsibility in Zubovo-Polyansky District, as well as in the whole region. The company supports sport, helping children's homes and medical centres, funding activities on heritage buildings maintenance, which are historical and cultural properties of Russia. The company organizes events being assisted by its personnel, as well as by other residents of the district. Special attention is paid to charitable assistance to children. Besides providing support to children's homes, Plyterra Group is actively giving help to the children’s football club ‘Plyterra - Zubovo-Polyana’, taking into consideration the importance of sport in children’s life and making a positive impact on the development of our future generation.

   Sport stimulates the gradual development of a child, motivates him or her to be disciplined, forms character and self-control. It helps them have goals and achieve them.

   We wish children to succeed in sport and in life! Be smart, healthy, strong, and brave!