The last weekend of April, the personnel of Plyterra Group carried out a volunteer clean-up program

A volunteer clean-up remains first and foremost a high-day. It is a day of cleanliness, orderliness, and a good mood. Postponing our habitual duties for a time, the staff came out for neatening the inner territory and the surrounding area of the enterprise. The activity directed on cleaning and improving the territory joined us to use concurrently the following tools: brooms, rakes, and spades.

Besides, the staff of Plyterra Group paid attention to the main street of Umet which leads to the enterprise.

In sum, 45 birches were planted

40 bags of garbage were collected

Our work in fresh air brought great joy and pleasure. The clean-up day not only makes our enterprise cleaner, but unites people by a mutual goal – to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in Umet, where the enterprise is located. People should understand that the clean village is the merit of every local resident or guest of Umet.

The clean-up day was held productively, all passers-by were set a good example of how this kind of activity shall be undertaken.