We produce plywood parts of any complexity and geometry

Plyterra Group is striving to surpass the clients' expectations. Alongside other services, we offer various options for plywood edges treatment. Using a CNC machine of the highest technological level, we produce plywood parts of any complexity and geometry. Among them there is plywood with high-precision machined tongue-and-groove joints.

Plywood with these special joints is in widespread use for subflooring. It creates a firm, perfectly flat and stable base.

Plywood supplied with tongue-and-groove edges is also used to join parquet panels into a beautiful and sophisticated parquet flooring.

Tongues fit tightly into the grooves of the adjoining plywood edges, which provides uniform spreading of load over the entire floor surface and optimises the resistance of parquet to moisture thanks to absence of gaps in the joints.

Plywood with T&G edges is also used for roofing base, wall panelling and furniture production, allowing products to be joined in all directions both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It simplifies and speeds up the assembly process. One more feature of T&G joint is that special tools or professional equipment are not required during installation of tongue-and-groove plywood panels.