Young specialists training at Plyterra Group

For a student, practical training is an integral part of educational process. It is an opportunity to become a part of production process, which contributes to better understanding of the future profession. The practice is aimed at consolidation of theoretical knowledge and skills necessary for certification and final assessment of the student as a specialist.

In spite of the fact that the practical training is associated with some difficulties for enterprises, it is a great opportunity to attract valuable young people to work for the company.

It was the General Director of Plyterra Sergey Nikonorov, who initiated the job-training program in cooperation with College of Zubovo-Polyana. The sophomores who are trained to become technologists got an opportunity to undertake practical training at the plywood mill and become a part of manufacturing process. Denis Samoshkin, the chief technologist of the company was appointed head of the practice.

The training has lasted for three weeks. For students there was arranged transportation from college to production site and lunches in the canteen of the enterprise.

Before the training in workshops started, the students had completed safety course and received necessary theoretical knowledge. During their training the future technologists practised the time-tracking of acceptance and sorting of raw materials and assessment of production efficiency.

During the practice, students kept a diary where they put down all their results. At the end of the practice all the results were put down to the students' record books, so everybody tried very hard to perform all the tasks of Denis Samoshkin as accurately as possible.

The Chief Technologist said: "It is great to see the interest of the students in how theory correlates with practical skills. It is very important to get the initial experience at the stage of practical training. This is what young professionals need". The Head of the practical training also noted that he would be glad if some of the students became his colleagues when they graduate from the college.

At the moment, the practical training is organized at Plyterra on a regular basis. Several groups have already successfully passed this stage of training important both for the student and for the enterprise. When the young professionals obtain their diplomas, they will have an opportunity to get a job at our plywood plant.