Expert opinion

Plywood overlaid with transparent melamine film

Plyterra CrystalPly is film faced birch plywood that comprises the beauty of peeled birch veneer and the advantages of melamine film. The transparent film significantly improves surface performance. Plyterra CrystalPly is a ready-to-use material that is easy and pleasant to work with.

Plyterra CrystalPly panels are especially popular for the production of furniture and interior decoration. Transparent melamine film has a number of advantages such as resistance to scratches and cracking, high-wear resistance compared to alternative types of coatings. At the same time, the melamine film perfectly protects the plywood surface from moisture. The surface of Plyterra CrystalPly is easy to clean and it has excellent hygienic properties.

Therefore, there are valuable properties of plywood overlaid with transparent melamine film:

- wear-resistant decorative surface of birch veneer of high quality

- transparent film highlights the beauty of wood

- high resistance to scratches, surface abrasion and moisture penetration

- the film does not crack and does not deform during the mechanical processing of panels.