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How to store birch plywood properly?
Birch plywood may be stored for a fairly long period, but it is important to organise a storage area properly and meet the following conditions...
1 December 2020
Plywood furniture
Plywood furniture has been dominating the interior design in Europe for several years and has been winning first places in design competitions worldwide.
15 September 2020
Waterproof plywood
Waterproof wood panels made of veneer are considered to be the most popular in concrete construction, interior and exterior finishing, decorating. Plywood has moisture resistant properties due to the adhesives based on synthetic resins, which are used to glue the sheets. At the same time film faced plywood is also very popular in the construction industry. This waterproof plywood has improved water-resistant properties and specific scope of application.
3 June 2020
Birch plywood
Birch plywood is a strong material made of at least three thin layers of birch veneer glued together under high pressure. To guarantee the best performance, the cross- and long-grain plies go one by one at right angles. It can be used for many interior and exterior purposes from interior cladding to formworks, from furniture production to exterior walls sheathing.
4 May 2018
Production and application of birch plywood
Birch plywood manufacturers produce the building material which is widely used in many areas thanks to plenty of its useful properties and affordable cost. At the first stage of production logs are soaked into hot water. Being glued and pressed together at high temperature, the layers of birch veneer form a very strong material, which does not lose its properties in various environmental conditions. Dimensional stability, resistance to crack and warp make this reliable material widely applicable in many areas.
27 April 2018
Film faced plywood
Film faced plywood is produced on the basis of exterior birch plywood, which is coated with special phenolic or melamine film. Compared to raw plywood, the plywood with overlay has longer durability, increased stability, higher resistance to moisture, corrosive chemicals and UV-radiation. The most popular application of film faced plywood in construction is concrete formworks.
20 April 2018
What should be known about exterior birch plywood?
In spite of the fact that there is no big visible difference between interior and exterior plywood, they are not absolutely interchangeable. The difference between the products starts at manufacturing process, during which they acquire its exclusive properties.
20 April 2018
What is Interior Birch Plywood?
The name of the product makes it obvious that interior birch plywood is suitable only for indoor application in homes as well as in offices. If you choose aesthetic finish for you interior design, you cannot make a better choice. The material is impractical in terms of exterior use, but its indoor application is versatile. It includes the production of furniture, roofing, flooring, interior cladding and decoration works.
13 April 2018
Birch plywood for interior design
Patented in the 19th century, plywood has not lost its popularity nowadays. On the contrary, the demand for this all-purpose material continues to grow as it constantly finds new areas of application. Architects and designers recognize this material for its cost-effectiveness and simple brilliance.The material proved its utility and durability for building exteriors long ago, but one of the recent trends is plywood in interior design.
6 April 2018
Film faced birch plywood
Film faced birch plywood is durable, lightweight, water- and wear-resistant material. It can be easily handled and combined with other materials. Thanks to high-quality film coating, the plywood takes on such properties as endurance and resistance to damage and strong chemicals, which make it suitable for exterior use. The surface of the film faced plywood is easy to clean. Edges of the plywood are sealed with water-resistant acrylic paint.
30 March 2018
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